Zhong Shan Company Ltd.

Bordering on the seacoasts & riverside, Jiangsu Province is a richly endowed territorial area with a long history, intelligent people and well-developed economy. Along with the ever-deepening economic reform & open-up policy, there has taken place throughout the province an omnibearing opening situation that is developing strategically towards a wide-area, multi-level & deep-going internationalized economic entity.

Zhong Shan Co., Ltd. is a company set up in Hong Kong as an open window of Jiangsu Province. Over two decades since its founding in Hong Kong, Zhong Shan Co., Ltd. has conscientiously carried out the working principle of “Keeping a foothold in Hong Kong, catering to overseas requirement & serving Jiangsu” the company has regarded the strengthening of economic & trade relationship between Hong Kong and Jiangsu as the focus of all trade activities, and thus achieved significant successes in various professional sectors including import & export trade development, education & engineering.

Reviewing the past, the company’s staff members are full of confidence. They look forward to the future, feeling the burden heavy and the path arduous. Their sincere hope is to make further efforts for genuine cooperation between the company’s whole staff members and friends of all walks of life, joining together in their march towards prosperous future of both Jiangsu & Hong Kong.

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